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Chris Evans (with Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan) filming pre-serum Steve Rogers’ scenes in Captain America: The First Avenger


if u don’t think music is important u need to remember that 13 dwarves convinced bilbo baggins to rob a dragon just by singing about it

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Picspam - Supernatural ~ yellow + orange (asked by justreallyfictional)

Picspam - Supernatural ~ yellow + orange (asked by justreallyfictional)


"I always saw Bucky in the first movie was, you know, he wasn‘t.. He was earnest, he was sort of loyal, he was loyal. He was all those things, but he had flaws and he had sort of tendencies that he hadn‘t worked out and he was questioning sort of why he was going to war and why he was fighting. He was very protective of Steve, to some extent narrow-minded of .. you know, what Steve really wanted because he always had this big brother thing like " I know better" you know. It‘s.. so anyone can sort of .. and this is an exaggeration but, anyone can sort of end up a darker verion of themselves. "

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Peter’s first meeting with the TARDIS (i suppose)

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Empty Chairs at Empty Tables | Madrid 2012

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Legendary Figures of Middle-earth

The Race of Men

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